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P&P #:  BL-PPv2


Effective Date:  January 2021


Review:  Annual


  • Privacy Policy
  • Policy Overview

This privacy policy governs how Bloom Lanys Professional Corporation (the “Firm”) collects, uses, discloses and processes personal information.   The Firm provides legal services to its clients.  In doing so, the Firm collects, uses and discloses otherwise personal information required to provide such legal services to its clients and fulfill each Firm member’s respective professional legal responsibility.  The Firm has a professional obligation to keep confidential all information obtained within a lawyer-client relationship.

  • Application of Policy

This policy applies to (i) client personal information collected by the Firm; (ii) Firm members with respect to how they manage the clients’ personal information; and (iii) individuals or entities who apply to become an employee or contractor of the Firm.


Clients’ personal information is typically collected directly from our clients or through the Firm’s interaction with its clients.  Additionally, client personal information may be obtained from other sources such as a government agency or registry, third parties such as a client’s representatives, financial institutions, insurance providers or employers, other law firms or agents who have acted for a client previously and who have information relevant to the client’s matter with the Firm.

For individuals or entities who apply to become an employee or contractor of the Firm, the Firm may collect information salient to verifying such applicant’s qualifications such as third party references that are provided by the applicant and individuals or companies contacted in the Firm’s review process.


The Firm may disclose the personal information it collects about clients or other individuals with whom the Firm deals with to third parties in the following circumstances:  (i) the legal services the Firm provides to the client requires disclosure of a client’s personal information to a third party; (ii) the Firm is required or authorized by law to disclose a client’s personal information, including rules of a court in which the Firm must disclose personal information of a client to an opposing side, or under a court subpoena or order, or to comply with regulatory requirements or requests from governmental authorities (i.e. an audit of the Firm’s practice by a governing body); (iii) the Firm engages an expert on your behalf with respect to a legal matter; (iv) the Firm retains another law firm or agent to assist us in carrying out the Firm’s legal services on behalf of the client; (v) to collect fees owed by a client, or to a financial institution or collection agent; or (vi) upon the client given the Firm consent or instructions to disclose a client’s personal information to a third party or someone the Firm reasonably believes to be the client’s agent.

The Firm may disclose personal information about employees and former employees of the Firm (i) for the purposes of an employment reference to a third party where the former employee has requested such disclosure; (ii) to service providers hired to provide Firm related services to the Firm ; and (iii) to parties who require personal information of employees for the purposes of a proposed financing, insuring, sale or disposal or any or part of the Firm, in such cases, the Firm shall take reasonable steps to ensure the employee personal information confidential and used only in connection with the specific purpose for such disclosure.


The Firm has implemented safeguards to protect personal information in the Firm’s custody or control. These measures, which include physical, technological and organizational infrastructure are designed to protect personal information from loss, theft and unauthorized access or disclosure.   Only authorized Firm employees, agents and mandatories have access to your personal information on “need to know” basis.

Personal information is retained in accordance with record retention periods established by applicable privacy laws, legal and regulatory requirements and limitation periods for taking legal action.


If a client or Firm employee wishes to request access to, or a correction of, personal information retained by the Firm in accordance with this policy, please make a request in writing to:

Personal information collected in accordance with this policy is accessible by an authorized Firm employee at 2171 Avenue Road, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M5M 4B4.  The Firm may need to verify the requestor’s identity before providing the requested personal information.


Please direct any questions, inquiries or complaints about the Firm’s personal information practices via email to:

This privacy policy is effective as of the Effective Date first written above and the Firm  reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, and take reasonable steps to notify clients of this change by posting the revised policy on the Firm’s website.